LX International

Creating the future by connecting global energy resources and solutions

Since our establishment in 1953, we built a foundation for trade that has been vital for Korea's economic advancement. With over 50 offices in 20 countries around the world, we continue to pursue and grow in the fields of energy, living resources, and solutions. Our stable business portfolio has allowed us to successfully partner with global customers, enhancing their business competitiveness by offering value beyond expectations.


We resolve customer pain points preemptively,
discover and provide differentiated customer value
to shape the future through our business solutions.

Future in Business Solution


01 Energy
02 Palm
03 Living Resources
04 Solution

We have positioned ourselves as a major player in the energy sector. Starting with domestic and overseas coal and mine supply businesses, including coal from a directly-managed Indonesian mine, we diversified our investment assets to include combined heat and power (CHP) and hydroelectric plants. In regards to sustainable growth, we are gradually shifting towards green and renewable energy, through secondary battery businesses utilizing nickel and other materials.

We produce crude palm oil from three directly-managed palm farms (20,000 hectares each) in Indonesia. With the highest level of business expertise in running palm farms, we are currently expanding our value chain to include CPO distribution for stable growth. We plan to expand our palm oil business by steadily increasing productivity per unit area while investing in new farms.

From our traditional petrochemical trading businesses focused on various plastic resin and chemical products, we now expand into the greater healthcare sector by supplying medical equipment, including COVID-19 test kits, and by offering diagnostic services. Also, having established a strategy toward future food resources, we are actively seeking opportunities to launch related food businesses.

We offer VMI (Vendor Management Inventory) services that encompass purchase, procurement, customs clearance, and transportation to major electronic companies at home and abroad. To cope with sudden market changes like the digital transition of the ICT industry and the 4th Industrial Revolution, we will create new comprehensive trading company business models, such as excavating and investing in startups in related fields, and distributing digital content.


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