CI Guideline

  • LOGO

    The logo is comprised of the symbol mark and logotype. It should be used carefully, and should not be altered or recombined under any circumstances. The original logo data in the LX CI Guidelines must be used as is.

    LX Logo Image
  • Space Guideline

    The space guidelines secure the optimal space to maximize the logo's visual effect, as they ensure the logo and its peripheral elements to exist independently in limited space. No additional graphics are permitted within the restricted area, and the use of distracting background colors is discouraged.

    Space Guideline Image
    ▲ The logo must have enough clear space to adhere to the space guidelines.
  • Color Guideline

    The color of the logo must remain accurate and consistent in order to avoid varying brightness and saturation levels. The proposed color system presents the best way to maintain the consistency of the brand image and its colors. The ratio of materials should be selected accurately and accordingly to each medium.

    • LX RED

      PANTONE 7627C
      C 21 M 100 Y 80 K 15

    • LX GRAY

      PANTONE 410C
      C 47 M 55 Y 49 K 36