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LX Glas

Founded in 1957, we are leading the market for glass by producing and supplying high-performance coated glass and flat glass as the first glass company in Korea. We produced Low-E glass for the first time in Korea and continue to develop high-functioning insulating glass, smart glass and home appliance glass to provide an eco-friendly residential environment and save energy for buildings.


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01 Flat glass for architectural and automotive
Flat glass for architectural and automotive
02 Architectural Coated Glass
Architectural Coated Glass
03 Processed glass and special functional glass
Processed glass and special functional glass

We produce clear and highly transparent flat glass, made by world-wide float process technology. It is used for building windows and automobile windshields due to its excellent surface glossiness and very even on the surface, and is also used as a substrate for a variety of processed glass products.

Since developing coated glass for the first time in Korea in the 1980’s, we have been continuously researching and developing energy efficient coated glass to provide excellent insulation to reduce energy loss from glass. We aim to reduce heating and cooling costs, save building energy, reduce the amount of carbon emission, and provide an exquisite exterior to the building with its color-added coated glass by offering eco-friendly products.

We offer double-glazed units with enhanced insulation effect using two sheets of flat glass and a spacer, tempered glass with strong heat resistance, fire-resistant glass that protects from hot gases, smoke, and heat transmission, and also home appliance exterior glass with excellent insulation performance and durability. We are actively seeking new markets to launch glass-oriented solution.


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