LX Hausys

Creating tomorrow's living spaces where people are linked with nature

LX Hausys

For the past 70 years, we have led the history of living spaces in Korea and pioneered the market as the nation's largest building materials company. We lead future space trends with advanced technology and design, bringing innovation to the quality of life in both stationary and mobile spaces. We create a better living space for tomorrow that links with peoples' daily lives and coexists with nature. We provide a variety of eco-friendly new materials and high-sensory products, as we grow into a global company making outstanding achievements in different parts of the world, including the U.S. and China.


We create joyful living spaces that embody nature, and embrace people.
We provide eco-friendly, energy-saving materials and products,
and pursue making spaces that emphasize
aesthetic and human-friendly design.

Nature, Human, Space

Turning Nature into Living Space/ Embracing People/ Inspired Living Space


01 Building & Interior
02 Automotive Materials
03 Industrial Film

We develop and manufacture window & door products (plastic windows & doors, functional glass, aluminum windows & doors) with superior durability and functionality, as well as a diverse range of decorative materials (flooring, wallcovering, insulation) and surface materials products (engineered stone, solid surface) while holding the No. 1 position in the domestic building & decorative materials market. As for solid surface and engineered stone, which have proven to be competitive in the global market, we are steadily expanding our market share. We also provide differentiated products and manufacturing/construction services through our home interior stores.

We provide distinguished materials for the interior and exterior of cars, such as automotive fabrics, standard components, and lightweight components. Our R&D focuses on developing top-grade materials and lightweight component technology in response to increasing demand for high-end interior materials, the need for improved fuel efficiency, and more strict environmental regulations.

Based on our adhesion and coating technologies and designs, we produce and supply decorative films for furniture, windows, home appliances, and buildings, as well as advertisement films and home appliance films. By producing decorative furniture films utilizing recycled PET for the first time in Korea, we are developing leading eco-friendly technologies to establish a strong global market presence.


98, Huam-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea