LX International

Creating the future by discovering and providing differentiated customer value

Since our establishment in 1953, we built a foundation for trade that has been vital for Korea's economic advancement. With over 50 offices in 20 countries around the world, we continue to grow in the fields of natural resources development, trading and new growth businesses. Our stable business portfolio has allowed us to successfully partner with global customers, enhancing their business competitiveness by offering value beyond expectations.


LX International creates business solutions that preemptively
solve client's pain points and provide differentiated values.

Future in Business Solution


01 Natural Resources Development
Natural Resources Development
02 Trading
03 New Growth
New Growth

We operates the coal business in Indonesia, China, Australia, and others. Taking advantage of our capabilities built through extensive experiences of mine development and operation, we have expanded our business into the development of future promising mineral resources, such as nickel, a core material for secondary battery. We are also a reliable supplier of crude palm oil (CPO) to Indonesia and other global markets, owning three palm oil plantations.

In association with the resource business, we also serve as a trader of nickel, coal and palm oil. When it comes to industrial and metal materials, we have solidified our foundation through multifaceted efforts, such as identification of new growth engines in the green materials sector to prepare for the transition to a netzero society, equity investment and securing of product rights aimed at building a stable supply chain. Our efforts also include pushing back the frontiers of our business to product distribution, diagnosis solution establishment and investment in and around Indonesia. In terms of the IT trading business, we make sure that we deliver unique customer value through the provision of an integrated SCM solution (VMI*) for customers, which enables customers to optimize their cost structure.

LX International is developing new business ventures and strategic footholds focusing on promising fields that align with the ESG trend. We participate in domestic and international eco-friendly projects and undertake initiatives in resource circulation and carbon reduction, striving to create a sustainable growth model in the next-generation industry sectors.


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