• 2023 ESG Report

    We are pleased to announce the release of our first ESG report. The report provides an overview of LX Group’s ESG management progress and future directions. We plan to release our ESG report annually and share our ESG strategies and achievements with various stakeholders through multiple channels.

  • 2024 Sustainability Report

    LX Pantos fulfills its societal responsibilities through transparent and systematic sustainable management. The Sustainability Report 2024 provides a comprehensive picture of the ESG value we have created for our stakeholders. This year marks the second year of publishing the report. In the years ahead, we will continuously publish sustainability reports annually to account for our efforts and progress on the journey towards ESG management.

  • ESG Report 2023

    LX Hausys has been publishing an annual sustainability report that presents the company’s sustainability management activities and performances to facilitate stakeholder communications since 2012. From 2023, the title of the report has been changed to “ESG Report.” LX Hausys reports core ESG performances and data on 10 core material issues derived from the newly established ESG Vision and Strategy System, and materiality assessment.

  • 2023 Sustainability Report

    LX Semicon has released its second sustainability report to provide a transparent account of our future vision, strategy, and performance to a wide range of stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, and employees. We will strive to achieve sustainable growth through the disclosure and communication of our management philosophy and corporate data. We will continue to share our efforts and progress in sustainable management in a transparent manner.

  • ESG Report 2023

    This is the first ESG report issued by LX MMA, and is provided to transparently disclose our sustainable management activities and performance outcomes. Through this report, we hope to shed light on the ESG management efforts underway at LX MMA and their key outcomes, and further reinforce communication